Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grand Lodge of Arkansas Bans the Shrine (Again)

So if you are reading this and thought that this was a repeat, or an old post, you are wrong.  The Grand Lodge of Arkansas has made it a Masonic offense to be a member of the Imperial Shrine if you are a member of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas.

As a member of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas you will have to self-expel yourself if you wish to continue to be a member of the Imperial Shrine, by 15 December 2012.  And so the story goes on.

Apendent bodies disagreeing with Grand Lodges is nothing new, and when ever men are involved petty differences sooner or later will overflow to others.

Below is the JPG that is floating around:

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mopro said...

This is such a laugh. All across America, there's now an image of Arkansas's Grand Master, sitting barefoot on his front porch next to his hound dogs and six daughters - all of whom he's impregnated - with a cap-and-ball rifle in hand, gleefully shooting off his toes.

In a state so backward that it could qualify as a third-world country (hey, I used to live there), this story sets the stereotype. "We-un's got ourselfs a feud a-goin' with them-thar Shriners, an' damn, we gonna git rid o' all of 'em!"

What next, Arkansas GM? Gonna burn the Shriners Hospital and some o' them doctors for practicing witchcraft? Be sure and continue to stay as quiet as you have been regarding the KKK activities up in eastern Boone County.

If you are from Arkansas and unable to read this, please find someone from another state who can read it to you.