Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Masters Lecture and Washington D.C.

I am currently in the process of learning the Masters lecture and I have to say that it’s the most challenging, but at the same time one of the better ones to learn, as you are telling a story, not just explaining symbolism. The FC is similar, but the Masters is better because it’s the Masters. I think every Freemason reading this should take the time in your Masonic journey to learn the lecture of the three blue degrees. It makes you sit and think a lot harder about the symbolism and what the degree itself means to you. Honestly it takes a lot of work and a good investment of time, but I think you will see that what you learn about yourself and what Esoteric Freemasonry means to you, and if it is something you are interested in. I guess some see me as putting the kart before the horse as I am not learning any roles (even though I have learned the MC/SD role for all three degrees). The roles are cake before learning a 30 minute lecture by memory.

Looks like I will have an opportunity to give this lecture soon as a candidate just passed his proficiency; he did the tactic of talking as fast as possible over his mistakes. It’s not a bad try, unlike myself which actually talks slower when I am presenting myself, which caused me to stutter when I got stuck. ;)

I will be in Washington D.C. and the Norfolk area next week if any brother wants to meet up for coffee or dinner. I will be somewhat busy but would be honored if someone wanted to grab a cup of Joe. I am planning on attending Naval Lodge #4, but don’t know if I will be up to going through the tuck and role of dues card and full examination. Sometimes I don’t mind, but if I had to do it right now I most likely would pass. I know that it is necessary to pass on and prove I am a Mason, but sometimes I just want to be greeted and taken by the hand, and not shuffled off to a little room on the side and get examined by one of the Past Masters who gets over excited at examining a young pup like myself.

Maybe I will be up to it in a week, excited for the fellowship with brothers from another area.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thoughts on Halcyon Lodge #Whatever

For those that don’t surf the Masonic side of the internet might not be aware, but the self promoting Halcyon Lodge #498 announced on their website and through the burning taper that they were turning in their lodge charter and now becoming Halcyon Lodge #2.

While there has been much talk on message boards and in certain blogs regarding this manner no honest member of Halcyon has answered as to why they choose this action, and what if any Grand Lodge system did they adopted. Many people have either cited them as pioneers or have called them swindlers stealing property from the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

People who splinter off from the mainline do so for a variety of reasons. While their supporters, and they, usually claim it’s to rid themselves of a corrupt system in which they can no longer function. They are also considered by their detractors as egomaniacs that want to be in charge, so they started their own club putting themselves in the driver seat.

I have no idea of the altruistic aspirations of the men of Halcyon in regards to masonry, for only they truly know what is in their hearts. If they were greedy and did a simple land/property grab in the name of Freemasonry, then hopefully history will reflect as much. I as well hope that history properly portrays them if they saved a Masonic temple from a decaying and apathetic Grand Lodge. I am sure that there will be many “announcements” in the next year regarding the developments of this case. I want to remind everyone reading this that civil law unlike the physical science in which I study is not absolute. To attempt to predict how a court or any legal body might rule on civil matters might better spend their time predicting who is going to win the super bowl.

To those that post anonymous comments, and claim to speak as a member of this lodge I would ask that they refrain from their usual trolling. People are starting to build strawman cases on both sides on anonymous comments and other jackassery.

Remember, just because you read it on the internet, doesn’t make it so.

We are caretakers of critical thinking and of an open mind, try to put your petty judgment of these brothers aside until all the facts regarding this action can be presented.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Empty Chair Degree

I am on a role, here is another Masonic post for your edification. Apparently in the Dakota Territory they would put on an open degree called “The Empty Chair Degree” which was preformed in honor of military members that have fallen in times of war. The degree itself is short, but very eloquent. I was made aware of this degree by Bro. John Dainele from the Philalethes mailing list. Please read and think of the masons that have given their lives in service to this country.

The Scottish Key

For those of you that haven’t seen it, there is a production company that claims to reveal the origins of Freemasonary in the French Belgian documentary, The Scottish Key. At first glance I was skeptical and ready to dismiss the movie. Then I when I looked at the contributors, including Robert L.D. Cooper, I am intrigued about the movie, as it looks better than most in the recent history. It is about $36, that doesn’t include shipping, so I would expect it to be around $50 when it is all said and done.

Does anyone know anything else about this movie? Is it legit, or more crackpot Da Vinci stuff?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Missed Another Lodge Meeting

I am in Huntsville, Alabama this week for the Directed Energy Profesional Society, this lined up nicely with a stated meeting being held @ Helion Lodge #1 the first Tuesday of the month. But my cable tow wasn’t going to have any part of it. I was called into a side bar meeting for “a couple of minutes” that turned into an hour and a half of people repeating themselves over and over again. I finally got out @ 1830 which didn’t leave me time to drop off my co-worker and make it back to the lodge. I am disappointed, because this looked like a great lodge to visit, so there goes that opportunity. I have been bad about sitting in lodge lately. My travel schedule isn’t lining up with stated meetings and my own lodge has canceled two practices already. So I haven’t gone to a stated meeting in a month.

In other news I still haven’t decided on a name for the brew that is brewing right now in my guest closet at home. It is a wheat beer, so I was going to make some illusion to the fellowcraft degree, and found how some fringe groups that think along with baphomet and other various gods we supposedly secretly worship we also worship ANNONA the Goddess of the Wheat Harvest, the beer also will be ready for consumption on the 27th of December, so I was thinking something with Saint John’s Day. The name became such an inside joke, that I was the only one to get it, even then it wasn’t that funny.

So I am still lost as to a name, and I need one by the end of the week. I have to bottle it this weekend and I’ve had it happen where if I don’t name a beer before it’s bottle it turns out bad.

I want to thank everyone who gave me good ideas, I like some better than others. Most likely on Friday we will vote on the final name of the beer, brew in the sprit of fraternity and brotherly love.