Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jay-Z The Freemason – Just Let It Go

Here we go again, every time that Jay-Z releases a new album, the internet crazies from all over claim that he is deep in the occult and of course is a Freemason. This started back in 2000 when he used his hand jester that professional wrestler Dimond Dallas Page trademarked called “The Self-High Five” way back in 1996. Page sued Jay-Z for the use of the sign. Internet crazies, conspiracy nuts everywhere were claiming that the sign was Masonic in nature and that Jay-Z was actually a member of the Illuminati. Though I can’t find the same allegations for Diamond Dallas Page, which is interesting as he is the first to use it, or so he claims.

Well it seems that every time Jay-Z releases an album and the videos for that album he is accused of promoting occultism and Freemasonry. This happened when he officially released the video for his song “On To the Next One”. Critics claim that it is full of Masonic references, but I see one kind of, but not really. They also claim it for the video for his hit “Run this Town”, in the trailer when Jay-Z is explaining the video he is wearing a shirt that reads “Do What Thou Wilt” the mantra of the Ordo Templi Orientis and was created by Aleister Crowley the self proclaimed wickedest man on the planet. This of course sent most of the Anti-Freemasons over the edge as absolute proof that he is a Freemason and OTO.

So is Jay-Z a Freemason? Most likely not, though anything is possible, some of his critics and fans are claiming he is doing all of this to provoke the crazies, that seems like a possibility. Only Jay-Z knows if he is a Freemason, or a self worshipper form the OTO or whatever. Bottom line, controversy sales, and Jay-Z is milking it for all it’s worth. Here is the video for “On To the Next One” which I am sure you will here at your next secret lodge meeting:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year – Time to Start Blogging Again

Time to wipe off the dust of the blog From Darkness to Light, and start G*A*S*P blogging again, so to begin things I will give a quick update.

I returned from Afghanistan on 3rd of November, I wasn’t expecting to leave the country for another week when I received a phone call from PERSCO telling me I needed to be out in the next 72 hours. When I got into Baltimore and smelled the fresh air and the clean airport, I realized how much I missed the states.

After a week of trying to recoup, get demobilized and get my wits about me I decided to return to my mother lodge for their stated meeting. I have to be honest that both the fellowship and the meeting were a little uncomfortable. Even though a lot of the brothers come from military backgrounds, we just didn’t click like I did before I deployed. This “reintegration” time is always difficult. I learned that this was the case at my work, and even my reserve unit. Still, I thought somewhere that Freemasonry was going to be different, but human nature, is just that, human nature.

After attending a couple of more meetings, and talking over e-mail things are starting to feel like where I left them, it just takes time to reconnect. The noticeable difference is that since the lodge roof was repaired and renovated the lodge was starting to practice better Freemasonry. We have about 6 candidates going through the degrees, we do community events, it’s amazing that just rolling up your sleeves and fixing up your lodge room can put some wind in your sails.

This past December I had a shock as I was elected to Junior Warden of my Allied Masonic Degrees Council. Considering I am not in a chair in either of my Blue Lodges or any other apendent body, along with the fact that I am not a Past Anything, I accepted this position with great honor and I am looking forward to serving in that capacity.

Hopefully this will be the start of a great Masonic year as 2010 promises to bring renewed faith in a lot of my ventures. I hope I am faithful to this blog and continue to update it regularly on my Masonic journey.

-Bro Vick