Sunday, June 29, 2008

Texas Freemasonry Video on YouTube

Brother Blake from Gonzales Masonic Lodge #30 made the following video:

He made it for his lodge, but I think that it's pretty good for South Texas overall, check it out when you get a chance!

GOUSA Has Recieved a Patent From GOdF

This is starting to bubble across the internet, but it appears that John Silfko Grand Master of the GOUSA has been given an official patent from the GOdF giving the GOUSA Masonic authority over North America.

This was signed on Friday June 27th @ 9:15am, also a treaty of Amity was signed between the two sovereign Masonic "powers".

Just in case you cared...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doing Something Positive, Just Not Complaining

I started last night to fall for the bad behavior that seems to infect others who blog. Regardless of it being a Masonic blog or not. I have tried to keep this blog above the sniping that seems to be an easy road to go down, and keep it focused on one thing, my Masonic journey, not be distracted by less than desirable behavior.

The incoming Worshipful Master asked me if I would consider heading up the education committee, since our lodge hasn’t had an official education committee for a while, I thought it would be a positive contribution to the revitalization of thought and helping the lodge out beside sitting in a chair and memorizing a bunch lines (which is equally important, but does less to stimulate Masonic discussion). While I could dust off some of the speeches of the past, talking papers on the third degree or promotion of apendent bodies, I am going to talk about Traditional Observance Lodges. While this topic is pretty well known in the blogsphere, it seems to be a knowledge point lacking in Southern Texas Freemasonry.

It seems that when Texans think of Traditional Observance Lodges, they think of the Grand Masters vision of the “Men we use to be” which is to say 1955 Freemasonry, which is completely different than a Traditional Observance Lodge concept (Less than 72 Members, High Dues, emphasis on the INITIATIC experience, Festive Boards, etc.) So I am working on a presentation using *GASP* a powerpoint presentation, I will present it to my mother lodge and see if there are any other lodges that are willing for me to come out and speak.

I don’t see this as an out right recruitment plan, as more as an education plan. If a club starts so be it (thought I am pretty skeptical that will ever happen) at least it might, just might start the gears turning about other ways to think of lodge outside of sloppy joes, opening, reading of the minutes and closing.

You can sit on the sidelines and bitch, or you can get up and do something, it’s entirely up to you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Masonic Central – Episode 2 W/ Tim Bryce Thoughts

Listen to the first Masonic Central episode this afternoon while waiting for my air conditioner to be repaired (let me tell you how much fun it is to be in South Texas with no air conditioner on a 92 degree day). I have some thoughts on the subject matter on content:

1) I honestly think that I am the only person in the Masonic Blogsphere that doesn’t think that the Shrine and the Blue Lodge should split. The Shrine is an aspect and apart of our American Masonic Heritage. What makes my statements even more bizarre is that I’m not even in the Shrine, and I don’t have any plans to join. I understand their recruitment tactics leave something to be desired in some states (we’ve never entertained the idea of one day classes in Texas), but it is an organization that exemplifies charity aspect of Freemasonry.

2) I do agree about TO Lodges, I honestly think that two types of lodges need to be made available in the US, the 1950s style lodge and a TO Lodge. That way you have more of a choice of the type of Masonic experience you want to get out of the Craft.

3) I also agree about the on-line Freemasonry discussion groups get really nasty, which is why I don’t pipe up more often about current events.

Overall it’s a good show with more of a round table discussion. I look forward to future broadcasts.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Frank Haas Suing the Grand Lodge of West Vrigina

Wow, see what happens when you come home from work early?

Frank Haas has filed a lawsuit against Charlie Montgomery and Charles F Coleman and the Grand Lodge of West Virginia for his expulsion from Freemasonry.

Read all about it here:

Interesting, I wonder if this is the first time that a brother has sued a Grand Lodge, and what precedence it would set if he would win.