Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Subduing My Passions

It has been officially six weeks since I last updated this blog, this is various reasons, including hurricanes (being in the Texas National Guard can cause you to be called up for such events), work, and home. I guess that I have spent my fair share of time reading or lurking, but not really contributing. I have started lots of posts, only for me to scrap them. See I want this blog to be above reproach, no petty wars, squabbling, flaming, etc only healthy disagreement and the core reason that I started this blog, to document my Masonic journey. While it’s fair that the web and the Masonic Blogsphere has influenced that journey, this blog can’t revolve around it, and can’t be drug down into the less than honorable behavior.

I have scraped a number of posts because they turned into ranting and raving, and less stimulating thought (even though I concede that ranting and raving can be stimulating, it rarely is when I do it), these posts include:

1) Masonic Central Podcast

2) Invitational Bodies

3) The Relationship between the Grand Lodge of Texas and The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas (I might still finish/edit this one)

4) Recognition of the GOUSA

5) Masonic Law

6) Plural memberships

Going back that is all the partially written and mad man writing post I scraped in the six week period, I am sure there are more rattling around in my head. One of the many lessons in Freemasonry is that you must learn to subdue your passions, I am not saying censor yourself, just be able to state your opinion without being so inflammatory. Don’t worry I will get controversial, I just know my limits.

Also, I recently got into Facebook, so if you want to add me, use my e-mail.


tnTraveler said...

I subdue my passions so much that I can't even start a blog.

FD2L said...

That is completely acceptable response, still I feel that you can learn a lot and grow from virtual interactions on any subject matter. There are risks involved especially when your blog is read by Grand Officers.