Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going to Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

It seems that my travels are going to take me to England, while this won’t be the first time I have been to England; it will be the first time as a Master Mason. I won’t have the time (or really the money) to go see all of the Masonic sites. It’s also unfortunate that all of the lodges in the immediate area I am in are closed for the summer, not to have meetings until September, so I will miss them by a month.

I purchased Solomon's Builders by Bro Hodapp, I have been meaning to purchase this book, and I think that the 7:44 minute flight from Chicago to London will be the perfect time to read through the book. I figure with all of the time I have been spending in DC lately that it should be a good read.

When I return I will be attending my lodges first stated meeting the second week of August, then that Saturday they are having a Knights Templar workshop that I will most likely go to, even though there isn’t a hope or a prayer that I will make the line up anytime soon. I do love the work of the KT degrees.

Travel well and be safe, my friends.

Picture of the Salisbury Cathedral

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