Monday, June 16, 2008

Masonic Central – Episode 2 W/ Tim Bryce Thoughts

Listen to the first Masonic Central episode this afternoon while waiting for my air conditioner to be repaired (let me tell you how much fun it is to be in South Texas with no air conditioner on a 92 degree day). I have some thoughts on the subject matter on content:

1) I honestly think that I am the only person in the Masonic Blogsphere that doesn’t think that the Shrine and the Blue Lodge should split. The Shrine is an aspect and apart of our American Masonic Heritage. What makes my statements even more bizarre is that I’m not even in the Shrine, and I don’t have any plans to join. I understand their recruitment tactics leave something to be desired in some states (we’ve never entertained the idea of one day classes in Texas), but it is an organization that exemplifies charity aspect of Freemasonry.

2) I do agree about TO Lodges, I honestly think that two types of lodges need to be made available in the US, the 1950s style lodge and a TO Lodge. That way you have more of a choice of the type of Masonic experience you want to get out of the Craft.

3) I also agree about the on-line Freemasonry discussion groups get really nasty, which is why I don’t pipe up more often about current events.

Overall it’s a good show with more of a round table discussion. I look forward to future broadcasts.


Dean said...


Thanks for listening to the show. I realize we had some views on the blue lodge and the shrine expressed on the show. I'd welcome an alternative view point. As I mentioned in the show, I'd love to actually get someone from the Shrine on the show to discuss their future and where they feel the Shrine is headed. I agree that they do a lot of good charity work.

Thanks for sharing, it's great to hear what people think.

Tom Accuosti said...

So, why do you suppose that online discussion groups can get so nasty at times? I have to admit that I've been in a few heated discussions myself, but from my perspective, they are pretty rare compared to the number of good, informative ones that I've had over the years.

FD2L said...

Bro Dean,

I think you are going to find it hard pressed to find anyone in the Masonic Blogsphere that is a devout Shriners. Most of your listeners and your last two guests (and future guest) are pretty progressive when it comes to Freemasonry. You all were in violent agreement with each other. :)

That being, Ed King might bring a different view than your last couple of guests and future one. Although he seems obsessed with the GOUSA folks for some reason.

Bro Tom,

I think that online groups get nasty because of two reasons:

1) Sock puppet accounts

2) Some people who are friendly and kind in real life turn into raging jerks on-line. It's like some weird split personality.

I think that lack of human discussion make it so people let manners be the first thing to fly out the door.

-Bro Vick