Sunday, June 29, 2008

GOUSA Has Recieved a Patent From GOdF

This is starting to bubble across the internet, but it appears that John Silfko Grand Master of the GOUSA has been given an official patent from the GOdF giving the GOUSA Masonic authority over North America.

This was signed on Friday June 27th @ 9:15am, also a treaty of Amity was signed between the two sovereign Masonic "powers".

Just in case you cared...


Anonymous said...

For North America? So what happens to the Grand Orient Lodges still operating in Quebec?

FD2L said...

That's a good question Mr. Anonymous, according to the report I recieved the GOUSA was for all of North America but John Gault from Euclid Lodge makes no mention of North America.

If it shakes out that I am wrong I will update this post.

-Bro Vick

John Galt said...

Hope that this helps


Peter Clatworthy said...

The claim that a "patent" has been issued by The Grand Orient of France giving "authority to work in the United States of America" is untrue. There is a patent, but it does not do what is claimed.

The "patent", which unfortunately you have not exhibited, is merely permission granted by the Grand Orient of France to the GO USA to use and practice the rituals of the first three degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. No more, no less.

The Grand Orient of The United States of America remains a self started Grand Orient without Charter, Warrant or Patent from any Masonic body.

In a free society it is entitled so to be, but the Masonic world is entitled to know the proper constitutional and legal position without the use of flummery and obfuscation.

The direct Lodges of the Grand Orient of The United States of America remain independent from the GO USA but there is now a treaty of Amity in place which is a document of mutual recognition and intervisitation.

This is the clear and unequivocal constitutional position and I recommend that before any other claims are made or accepted that the actual text of the document is read and understood.

If anyone would like to receive an English translation of the "patent", then please apply by Email to:

Peter Clatworthy
Grand Lodge of All England

Anonymous said...

I guess we should investigate every other Grand Lodge/Orient to see their backup documents

FD2L said...

Thanks for the clarification Peter, again, I am not a member nor have any intrest in the GOUSA, but it is somewhat news worthy the strides the organization is attempting to make.

I am curious where the "patent" got lost in translation.

-Bro Vick

Anonymous said...

peter need to relax re go usa. they are "in" and all your crying will not change things. your constant complaining is making you and the grand lodge of england (whatever that is) look bad.

Anonymous said...

peter....when did you learn to translate french????

Anonymous said...

if amity is a document between "equals" how can your claims re a patent be correct. you are off=base again (like your claim of prince edwin).

Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear from the documents posted on the GOUSA web site that the Grand Orient of France would disagree with you Peter. A "Patent" is a license of franchise. The GOdF has issued the GOUSA such a license over the three symbolic degrees of the Modern Rite and the Scottish Rite.

Lodges can then be Chartered/Warranted by the Patent (license) holder. Grand Lodges/Orients are not "Chartered" or "Warranted" because there is no higher authority than a Grand body. It is clear from your postings that you do not understand Masonic or business law.

The GOUSA Patent and Treaty show that the GOdF views them as a legitimate Masonic authority. The Patent carries with it the rights inherited by the GOdF from the Grand Lodge of England in 1728. It has now been granted to the GOUSA. The Treaty of Amity establishes mutual recognition and cooperation between the GOdF and the GOUSA.

Very few American state Grand Lodges possess such a Patent that carries with it traditions dating back to 1717.

Peter Clatworthy said...

A Charter is a document issued by a monarch or a state legislature.

A Warrant is written authority from a lesser body.

A patent is a document conferring a proprietary right or title (usually an invention).

What the GO USA has is a patent to use the rituals of the A&ASR, no more, no less.

It is NEITHER Charter NOR Warrant.