Thursday, May 1, 2008

Losing My Way – Traveling The Last 4 out of 5 Weeks

The last five weeks, all except for one week I was traveling somewhere. I was in Washington D.C. for two weeks, then I was in Louisiana for my one week for the reserves, then I went back to DC, had a week at home, during that time I was hosting my own conference, then this past week I was in Raleigh North Carolina (North Carolina State University to be exact, same time the HILROD was there).

When I was in DC, I couldn’t find a lodge that was within reasonable distance that meet when I was in town, and when I was on Active Duty they treat me as slave labor working long hours (14-18), with no breaks, not like I could find a local lodge then. Then when I was searching for lodge in North Carolina, images from my visit to Naval Lodge #4 in Washington D.C. was running through out my head and I just felt like it wasn’t worth it.

Thankfully I will be home for the next two weeks, while I will still be working, it won’t be like it has been, either getting back or going on a trip, so I should be able to slow down, go to the esoteric classes and attend lodge. I know that a lot of my fellow brothers that blog complain bitterly (and rightfully so) about it when they attend lodge, they are sick of it being opening, paying bills, and closing. But at this point, the comfort and reminders of the teachings of Freemasonry would do my tired soul some good. The comfort that Freemasonry offers from an esoteric standpoint can’t be offered in any Rotary Club or BPOE. While one keeps the tenants and the oath close to their heart, reminders of those tenants, can do a world of good.

But because it was bound to happen, it looks like I will be in Dallas the week of the 19th of May, I know that I have a fair number of Texan Masons that read my blog. So if you are having a stated meeting or want to get together, drop me a line. I honestly haven’t visited any other lodges in Texas, and would love to see how things are down in the big yellow city.

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Brother Mason, I will be in D. C. during June 25-29; I'd like some assistance concerning visiting Masonic sites and lodges if possible. Please provide help...