Thursday, May 29, 2008

It’s That Time of Year Again

My mother lodge unlike a lot of lodges in North America have their elections in June and installations in July, where as most (at least most that I run into) have their elections in December and installations in January. Last year I decline a position in the line up simply because I felt that it was too soon after my raising (like a month) and taking a seat seemed rushed almost. I wanted to take my time last year and learn the work and the lectures before I start in a line up.

In December I asked my supervisor if I could travel less now that things have calmed down in my office. He said he would see what he could do, since February I have been home four weeks, while my wife begrudgingly took the free first class ticket back home to visit her mother (because of my frequent flyer miles), my activeness in the lodge and Freemasonry from an education standpoint has suffered just as greatly.

Plane trips that use to engulf reading about Freemasonry have become plane trips reading an upcoming proposal, or writing a last minute brief, or writing about six e-mails that will go out as soon as I get to my hotel room. Like the quality of the esoteric discussion of this blog has gone down the toilet (along with the overall content), so has my involvement with my mother lodge. What good is it if I learn parts, yet I am not in lodge to execute my knowledge during the degrees? We’ve had five EAs go through since February, and I was out of town for every one of their initiations.

So I guess that brings me back to the point of this post, the last lodge meeting I was at (nearly a month ago), again the SW asked me if I was still traveling as much as I have been and if I could be in the line-up, and I explained that it was my sincerest hope to stay home, but I can’t guarantee anything (and I can’t). He had a look of disappointment and walked away, I haven’t heard any talk of it since.

See now I feel guilty, that I am taking from Freemasonry and not giving back. Am I just another victim of the 21st Century? We can’t have telecom/VTC lodge meetings, I can visit lodges while I am traveling, but that too feels like I am again taking without giving.

I definitely want Freemasonry in my life, but I need to give back beyond blogging about my selfish problems, and setting up a website for my lodge.

Picture: The first documented use of flight for Masonic purposes occurred on 6th November 1929, when a team of Grand Lodge Officers flew from Parafield Aerodrome (just north of Adelaide) across Gulf St Vincent to Yorketown, for the purpose of taking part in the Installation meeting of Melville Lodge No. 36.


The Palmetto Bug said...

I know a Mason who was JW in 1966. His usual vocation then took him away from being able to physically particate in the Lodge. In 2001, he was elected as SW and then, in 2002, WM.

Don't knock yourself. The day will come when you have the time.

Radcliffe said...

Not to worry brother, remember that the tides ebb and flow, you have a lifetime to make your mark. Enthusiasm is not something which can be faked, joy requires more than guilt and continuity.

Anonymous said...

You said:
I can visit lodges while I am traveling, but that too feels like I am again taking without giving.

On the contrary, my bro., you are giving by visiting.

Most Lodges with which I'm acquainted enjoy having visitors. I'm sure they'd be more than delighted to entertain someone from another city or jurisidiction, especially new Masons who like to meet some other members.

Justa Mason