Monday, October 22, 2007

A Humble Thanks

Due to my honey-do list and travel schedule I haven’t had a chance to thank a brother for his kind words regarding my little Masonic blog. Brother Mark wrote a very nice review (which was a nice surprise), regarding my blog. I am amazed as what started out as a side project to jot down my thoughts on becoming a Mason and having people e-mail me asking me about how they go about being made a Mason.

It’s been an interesting trip thus far, and I look forward to future communication with such fine brothers and Freemason enthusiasts.

A review of my blog!

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Mark said...

It would seem that there is a problem with the link to the review of your blog. That review is easy to access through the MySpace page itself:

Incidentally, you are more than welcome for what I said in the review. You put a lot of effort into portraying your experience and reflections and feelings on Freemasonry--about which not enough is written in the world, in my opinion--and you really are to be commended and thanked for doing so. Be well.