Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blue Lodge Brew?

I just got done making some home brewed beer, and I figured I would dedicate this batch to the Blue Lodge. It's a wheat beer golden and (hopefully) have a nice aftertaste. Still, I am wondering what I should name this batch made in the name of the oldest fraternity?

I am going to make labels and give some to the local brothers, so a name would be nice. Any ideas would be greatly apperciated. :)

The image is taken from The Masonic Shop in case you were looking for a blue lodge stein.


Jay Simser said...

Hiram's Hops comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Boaz Brew

A Traveller to the East said...

"Blue Lodge Brew" sounds a little bit like "Blue Man Group"--great show, but not the scene you're going for.

You could always go the route of Founding Fathers, as another beer company has. How about "Ben Franklin"? "George's Grog"? Admittedly, a stretch.

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Traveling Man said...

How about 'From Darkness To Lite' or 'Apron Ale'?

Maybe 'Pillars Pilsner' or 'Staircase Stout'?

Wait! Wait! I have it! How about Intemperance and Excess?

Seeker of Light said...

High Twelve

The Plumbline said...

How about "from labor to refreshment"?

On a related note, I had a micro-brew set aside for after my 3rd. It was called "Dead Man's Ale". True story!

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with "Brew Lodge". If not, the "Apron Ale" was a great idea.