Friday, June 29, 2007

A Restless Midnight Post

It’s time to dust off the thin layer of dust that has accumulated on this blog and give some explanation of what’s going on both in my personal life and my Masonic development. While I have stated from the beginning that this blog was not really about me and my day to day activities, to properly put into context my Masonic development.

My supervisor in an abrupt move has left and has left my branch in essence we have scrambling to cover for her being gone. I will have to cover part of her travel for at least the next six months, while we try to figure out who is going to take her place. A week before all of this the WM called me and asked if I could help out in the upcoming Masonic year, I explained to him that I could do what I could. Not really knowing the status of anything, and my work/travel schedule over taking my commitments, I didn’t give it much thought. I have been gone for the last two weeks out on the road, and really haven’t had a chance to think about it. Well I received an e-mail this past week with the installation ceremony participants, next thing I know I am listed as Senior Stewart?

This isn’t sitting well with me, as I feel like I am being plugged in as a warm body in the chair, and right now it looks like I will be at lodge 50% of the month, while Masonry is always on my mind, I don’t know if this is the year I should be sitting in any type of chair, even one as minor as the Senior Stewart. My other Masonic commitments have been towards learning the lectures, and not really wanting to sit a chair this year.

The future WM and I have been trading messages, but I hope to talk to him tomorrow before the installation ceremony, and see what comes of it. I still don’t know if either decision is the right one, going a head and sitting in a chair that I can’t really sit in, or if I am allowing outside pressures to put undo strain on helping my lodge.

Hence, I am writing this @ 3 in the morning.

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raman said...

Having read your postings with great interest, I may be forgiven if I suggested 'Steward' for 'Stewart'. Unless of course, it does happen to be Stewart in your Lodge!