Monday, June 11, 2007


Today my mentor lent me his copy of Lightfoot’s Manual of the Lodge – TEXAS. This is like most monitors, but this one at the end has commentary where most don’t have that. This book was written in 1934, which immediately perked my ears up. For those that don’t realize that, I really enjoy reading Masonic books pre-WW II. While I don’t mind current authors, I am not into exposes on Masonry; I want to read more about the symbolism. It talks about such great topics as Speculative vs. Operative Masonry and Dedication of the Lodge to the Holy St. John’s. So be expecting some more posts on that.

Our lodge tomorrow night is having officer elections, I am very happy to attend as it will be my first stated meeting as a Master Mason, next week I will be giving my catechism. I have already started to learn the EA Lecture, I enjoy the learning the lectures, I have no idea why. Most of the brothers run the other direction, but the words with the pictures make me feel centered. Bro Sean and I are trying to learn as much as we can, we are like sponges, and I enjoy our mentor’s enthusiasm.

Time for bed, but more later...

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