Saturday, May 5, 2007

Good Intentions

I can’t believe I am coming up to a month since I last properly updated this blog, and for that I am sorry. My time as a Fellowcraft has been much more active than when I was an Entered Apprentice, because of this I haven’t been able to write down my thoughts both about the degree and my growth both personally and within the craft. When I started learning my catechism my mentor had the utmost confidence that I would be testable within a week, it almost felt like he was pushing me through the system. This made me feel uncomfortable because I am a slow and methodical kind of guy.

Everyone and I mean everyone kept telling me that learning the second was far easier than the first, really it wasn’t that easy. For me at least the obligation was the hardest part, while in the first it was the working tools and second part gave me the most difficulty. The obligation for the Fellowcraft doesn’t seem to have any flow to me, that’s were I seem to be hung up. After several 3 hour intense sessions, I seem to have solidified the part down and next week on my birthday (The 9th) I will test and then see when the lodge will be able to confer the third degree.

Work has been hectic, as that keeping the Craft in balance has been somewhat difficult, a lot of this is because of my travel schedule, but my dedication to the work has been unwavering, and as equally rewarding. I have more updates, but I wanted to post this first.

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Al said...

The working tools is a little tricky in the FC. I'm wordering if they are pushing you so you can be a made mason by St John's Day