Sunday, May 27, 2007

Family Roots in Masonry - Mizpah Lodge No. 302

My mother recently sent me a bible that was presented to my Great Uncle Bernard when he was raised. My Great Uncle, unlike my Grandfather was heavily involved in the blue lodge, later became a member of the Scottish Rite, then becoming a member of the Shrine. I should take pictures and post them, but until then you will have to deal with my crappy descriptions. ;)

The Certificate on the back has his age, weight, height, color of eyes, and color of hair. It then has the following dates:

Initiated: June 8, 1945

Passed: September 21, 1945

Raised: October 24, 1945

Seeing these dates, gave me some comfort as it took him four months to get passed, it took me five, which has been chronicled on this blog. The certificate itself announces that he is a brother in good standing, and “recommends that he be received and accepted by the Craft whosesoever dispersed over the face of the globe.” One half is written in English and the other in Latin. The certificate is signed by the Secretary (Anson L Haveus), Worshipful Master (Moutus E Holmes, I think), and Grand Secretary of Nebraska (Lewis E. Smith). The bible in size is rather small and has biblical references of interest for Masons, along with some color illustrations. My mother also sent me Morals and Dogmas, which I just bought two weeks ago, so I have an extra copy.

Uncle Bernard has two boys, both never interested in Masonry. He passed away two years ago and when my aunt found out about my initiation she gave them to my mother to send to me.

I am happy to have them, as they are part of my heritage. I know he joined Freemasonry when it was in its peak for numbers, and while things are much different now, then they were then, it’s still a bond that all brothers share.

I’m grateful to receive this right before my raising.


lightseaker1 said...

glad i found some one that has been were i am trying to go i will keep you up to date on my travels from west to east i was raised to ea on the 23 of this mounth and i hope that i get threw it in 4 to 5 mounths as well and cograts on yor raseing to mm on the 29th

fromdarknesstolight said...


Best of luck to you and your own Masonic journey. I know that the Masonic blogs and informational websites have given me great insight into the brotherhood. Please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail if you have any quesitons.

Bro. R