Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trying to Jump Start my Masonic Journey

I had a hard time coming up with a good title for this entry, because of my current status in regards to the Craft. My time in Barksdale seems like an eternity, I was working 16 hour days, with no break until the afternoon of my last day (12 days straight). During this time, I had down time from about 10:00 pm to midnight. Before leaving for Shreveport I took “Making Light A Handbook for Freemasons”. Unlike other books available to me, I didn’t want to delve into too much of circumstantial aspects of Freemasonry. I wanted to be kept grounded in my present condition, that of Entered Apprentice. When reading it I realize how different yet the same the ritual is in Texas as it is in England. While reading the section about the first degree I came across the following quote:

Each Soul is part of the Divine whole and cannot be separated from it. You had just emerged from darkness of materialism, seeking Divine light, which is within you. The intended meaning of light here is light as a symbol of opportunity – the opportunity to discover something longed for, and a desire to emerge from the darkness of materialism and ignorance.”

For me this quote seemed to hit home the fact that some things you can’t rush, especially the Craft. The opportunity still awaits me as I returned from Shreveport, and because that opportunity still exists I am happy to reengage my Masonic teachings and move forward when the time is appropriate.

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I. Coffey said...

It has been stated that "...patience is a virtue." The fact that you have acknowledged that you will move forward when the time is right shows that you are beginning to possess that particular virtue. Not to many Brothers of the Craft (with all of their Light) can state that they possess that virtue. Well done, Brother.

Brother I. Coffey
W.C. Thomas 112
MWPHGL of Georgia