Friday, March 9, 2007


As I am typing this I am getting ready for a two week trip to lovely Shreveport, Louisiana to complete my active duty time for the Texas Air National Guard. The frustrating part is that I was about to complete my catechisms examination (for those that haven’t read, in my particular Lodge it has become customary for the catechisms to be given in two separate parts, the first being the first part, the second being the remanding two parts). So my Masonic progress in essence has been put on hold. I can’t go to a lodge in Shreveport and ask for a brother to help keep my mind fresh because the small changes from state to state in reciting the catechism. Brother Garland claims that this won’t cause more than a two week delay, and that I can take the second part and receive my Fellow Craft Degree the same night (on the 3rd of April). If I wasn’t going anywhere, I would have done this on the 20th of March. I know that two weeks don’t seem like much in the large scheme of things, but it really feels to me like a huge delay. I have had other delays work related, three weeks to be exact because of my travel schedule.

I know the Craft is not to get in the way of our usual vocation, and that it will be waiting for me when I return, but I still get a sense of frustration regarding the situation. I am considering going to one of the lodges while I am in Shreveport for Fellowship, but I don’t know if I will have time, we will see.


Mary and the Widow's Son said...


Unless your state forbids it, you might want to record yourself reciting the catechism, then play it over and over on your drive to Shreveport and during your two-week hiatus. That should keep it fresh in your mind. I learned this tip from a PM in my lodge, who did it this way on his daily commutes to Atlanta and back.

Widow's Son

Jay said...

I live about an hour from Shreveport. Let me know if you want to visit a lodge.

I. Coffey said...

I am Isaiah Coffey and I hail from W.C. Thomas 112 (PHA) located in Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy your posts because they have that "slice-of-life" type feel from a masonic perspective. I'm going to add a link to your blog on my blog. When you get a chance, check out my blog ...
Travel well and Light.

Brother I. Coffey
W.C. Thomas 112
MWPHGL of Georia

fromdarknesstolight said...

Brother Coffey,

Thank you for the kind words, I have been reading your page for sometime, and have been meaning to add it to my blogroll for easy access. I look forward to your many posts.

-Brother V