Thursday, December 20, 2012

Confederation of French Grand Lodges Formed

Recieved this from Michael Segall on Tuesday, this is somehwat of an update from the Basle Declaration:

A historical development occurred yesterday (18 December 2012) among the regularly operating, even if not yet widely recognized, French Grand Lodges. The following statement has been published (the text between brackets is mine): “Today, the Grand Lodge of France (GLDF), the Traditional and symbolic Grand Lodge “Opera” (GLTSO), the French National Lodge (LNF, not to be confused with the GLNF), the Grand Lodge of the French Masonic Alliance (GL-AMF) and the Independent Grand Lodge of France (GLIF; constituted like the GL-AMF by the many thousands of Brethren who left the GLNF, totally out of the picture by now), have met together.”

“Sharing the same criteria of regularity and the same Universal Masonic Tradition, they agreed among themselves to start the construction a Confederation, thus demonstrating their will to reorganize the French Masonic landscape in conformity with the Basle Declaration.”

 -Bro Vick

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