Thursday, July 28, 2011

Re-establishing My Life

I wanted to update everyone after my last draconian post. I first want to thank the men who came back and encouraged me and gave me support electronically. Both in my blog and personally, it means the world to me that men who have never met me would show such support.

I got over myself. J

I am becoming more optimistic about things, I was elected to positions within the Chapter and Council, and while my mother lodge decided that I was not to be in the lineup this year. I was never given a concise reason what I was told behind closed doors was that my profession and my reserve status was entirely too volatile for a position in the lodge. There are men who I helped raise who will most likely sit in the east before I ever get a chance, I am at peace with this happening.

My other lodge has asked me to sit in the Senior Stewart’s position, to which I gladly accepted, and will perform. There are even members of this lodge that have some skepticism about this, but I want to do what I can, education series, serving dinner, it doesn’t matter.

I owe so much to Freemasonry, when I was in Bermuda an older lady by the name of Margret who I had multiple conversations with about my service in Afghanistan said “You must have a strong foundation of faith to be able to do what you did.” I was taken back by this then realized that while I have always had a faith in GAOTU and Jesus Christ as our Savior (I know that makes some of you uncomfortable, sorry). Freemasonry fortified that and prepared me for death in the third degree, my effectiveness in service to this country is in part to my involvement with Freemasonry.

I wrote earlier that Freemasonry stalked me while in Afghanistan, and I will write about that later, but I wanted everyone to know, that I am moving on, and that is the first step to anything.


-Bro Vick

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