Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Less Than 60 Days

Ahhh my poor neglected Masonic blog, I apology for the near year long absence. The operations tempo is horrible, lack of interaction from my brothers at home, 2010/2011 hasn't been a great Masonic experience.

With that being said I have less than 60 days left in Afghanistan before I make the long trip back to the great state of Texas. As many of you know I was by-name-requested by then GEN McChrystal to return to theater and later retained by GEN Petraeus (who I just briefed last week).

Stan McChrystal recently was at a leadership seminar in which he discusses themes of leading men who are far younger than himself, and how he had to listen to them first, then lead them. I think that the majority of the Masonic leadership reading this blog and leading men in lodge many generations far removed would agree. If you have 15 minutes take a watch, a great video:

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