Friday, October 31, 2008

We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time Part Deux – Halcyon Lodge Revisited

Here we are approaching the holidays, soon Thanksgiving and Christmas advertisements will flood our collective minds as we are facing a looming recession, and one out of four home owners loan is worth more than their property.

A year ago the Masonic blogging community was all a buzz about the cessation of Halcyon Lodge #498 from the Grand Lodge of Ohio, while brothers and on lookers where starving for information, very little was released by either the band of brothers of the newly formed Halcyon #2 or the Grand Lodge of Ohio, after a while the case subsided as other Masonic misdeeds came to light (Grand Lodge of West Virginia has been a big one). Late last night in one of my sleepless wonderings, I notice that someone left a comment in a post that was written a little less than a year ago on this blog, he wrote:

Read for yourself the FACTS of the accusations. Seek the WHOLE truth! Find the puppets who were used by former brothers to front thier bogus chairity.

Typos a side, the individual peaked my interested from that I went to the blog of Vox De Maat, which appears to be a blog set up by an anonymous blogger to combat both the boisterous nature of the supporters of Halcyon #2 and the silence from the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The blog itself has only three posts, but the most interesting of those posts is the blogger did a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) on the case and was given an exact copies of the charges filed, in it we get the perspective of the incident from the Grand Lodge of Ohio, something that has been lacking in the diatribes and internet ramblings.

This post is not meant to cast disparagement on the GOUSA, but rather to shed further light on an on going conflict, and to better understand the situation. Anonymous bomb throwing will not see the light of day, reasonable debate and disagreement will, so play nice.


C said...

Why is the charity bogus? The IRS has blessed it. Who are puppets? I don't get where this comes from....left field or is this the low key bomb throwing. This website is am empty as anything else out there.

I tried to post on able's cenotaph but he will not post what is sent. Some truth seeker. I am a longtime member of Halcyon and this guy appear to be a complete fake.

The case is being adjudicated and the parties really cannot say anything. Why is this so disturbing to everyone? It is standard procedure for court cases.

The GLoOH has not one masonic offenive listed...other than those damn guys won't do what we say. Big deal. There legal argument, as listed in the official charges require that this was all done in secret. But everything was in the open and the GL deputies were at almost every meeting durning the procedure of creating the situation.

I agree there have been some unnecessary bomb throwing but you have to understand the Halcyon guy's point of view....their personal lives are at stake and everyone else is just have a causal look at their scene. It took real guts to stand up to the years of mismanagement and bully tacits of the GLofOH. It is offensive and unnecessary to have people comment about the rightness or wrongness about our action when they don't know any....ANY FACTS. When the case is resolved I am sure a whole discussion will be provide to whomever cares to know the facts. Until then....boooo! to Able's Cenotaph for playing a one sided bully pullpit.

C said...

P.S. The idea of using the Freedom for Information Act to get those complaints lodged by the GLofOH is silly. That exact filing has been available on the Cuyahaga County Court website since the second week of last February. Able's Cenotaph has a weird sense of drama. WOW it was soooooo top secret!!!!

These are just the claims of the GLofOH against the brothers of Halcyon. They have no weight except they tell you that this is the best the GLofOH could muster up in this situation. It looks pretty thin if you ask me. Maybe it will be worth the hundreds of thousand of Ohio mason's money to win the case. It is very possible that the GLofOH has spent more on high=priced lawyers than they could ever recoup from the Halcyon volunteer staff. But this is where pride takes a group of leaders who have lost touch with their mission. IF I was still an Ohio mason I would start asking how much of 'our' funds would be wasted on this goosechase....Oh yea....that's right/.. you're not allow to ask those questions or they will pull your card. Gee Whiz!