Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It’s About Time!

Looking back at the calendar it has been too long since I have properly updated this blog. Part of that is because I haven’t had a chance to really be that involved with things Freemasonry. A large part of this has to do with the fact that I have been on the road non-stop for the last 4 weeks. I haven’t been able to attend Lodge, Chapter, Council or Commandery. Normally while traveling I will try to visit a local lodge, but my schedule really hasn’t been accommodating that either. My schedule has been packed from 0600-2300, dinners, working lunches, or just beat, it never seemed to work out.

As I am writing this I am in the Admirals Club @ DFW waiting for my flight back to Washington, D.C. (I say back because it will be my third visit already this year). For those of you that don’t know this week is Masonic Week, where the majority of the national invitational Masonic bodies meet to conduct meetings and have feasts. I find it ironic that I will be traveling to D.C. during such a huge Masonic gathering, and I will miss out on it. I know some of the brothers that are attending and I regret not getting together and meeting some of them face to face. But as the saying goes, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

My mentor recently had his forty year anniversary in Freemasonry, and I was lucky enough to be in town for it. He enjoys telling the story of how he got involved into Masonry here when he moved from Tyler, TX. After a three week hiatus this past Monday I had an opportunity to work with him on the Masters Lecture. When I arrived at his house he immediately showed me his certificate, and he beamed with pride. He is a humble man, a twice PM of our lodge, his emphasis in Masonry has always been for the education and betterment of the brethren. He wasn’t a title collector nor a politician, he is a simple man that is trying to do what he can to make sure the lessons and teachings of Masonry go on. Sometimes through mailing lists or word of mouth, brothers behaving in less than Masonic (I have learned to hate the term UnMasonic, as it seems to be nothing short of name calling and used to elicit a response) towards their fellow brother. We must remember not to involve ourselves in their tactics nor give their argument heed. We are all here for one common purpose to learn to improve ourselves through Freemasonry, all other agendas and honors are secondary effects of the first and come with all institutions of man.

When you put those things before the true intention of Freemasonry that is when you start to do those things. The title chasing, chest beating, and political games. We as younger Masons must always remember to keep that in mind as we make our Masonic journey, where ever it my take you.

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Reza said...

where are you richard.

i'm waiting for continue of your masonic journey...