Sunday, January 6, 2008

Odds and Ends - Halcyon, Beer and TO

There are some odds and ends things I wanted to write about in my blog, but I don’t feel like they warrant a full post of their own, so here they go:

1) I haven’t read it in any other blogs, but Halcyon Lodge has posted a letter that they are sending out to their members regarding their side of the story in their dispute with the Grand Lodge of Ohio. Anyone that has any interest in this development should go read the letter as it is well written and very articulate of Halcyon's position. I don’t agree with some of their points, and know that I am only getting one side of the story, but it is the best written explanation that has shown up on the net to date. I was also impressed in their thoughtfulness of the brothers that still want to be recognized by the Grand Lodge of Ohio. There were some bloggers that were very critical of this point of Halcyon lodge, and I hope this puts some of their fears to rest.

2) The beer I made in honor of the Blue Lodge didn’t ferment properly, and hence it’s a bad batch. Maybe the prohibition saints cursed my beer in the name of our brothers from the early 20th century, I don’t know. I think I will try again, but maybe make a beer in honor of the York Rite Festival coming up this spring. Or I might make another one for the Blue Lodge, all I know is when I tried the beer on the 27th of December (St. John’s Day), it didn’t taste right at all. So here is going back to square one.

3) Last night was the Commandery’s Officer Installation ceremony, while nothing special, it is honestly what all aspects of Freemasonry is suppose to be. An open bar before, a nice meal and afterwards ceremony and Masonic discussion, a nice evening overall, it should be the standard and not the exception with Masonic dinners in the United States. This also gave me a chance to start pitching the idea of a Traditional Observance Lodge. The idea was met with warm regard and excitement, especially by those that are in direct contact with the Grand Lodge of Texas. Initially I thought that this wouldn’t go anywhere given the sometimes staunch attitude that the Grand Lodge of Texas is known for, but maybe there is hope for a Traditional Observance Lodge, after all?

That's it, just some Freemasonry scrap that could be put into one post. :)


Ken said...

Sorry to hear about the beer! I've got a friend who makes loads of wine and beer and it's always a shame when a batch goes bad...

Seeker of Light said...

1. If these "brothers" really where sincere in that they wanted change, why didnt they just demit instead of turning in the charter?
2. Bummer about the beer. I had a nice honey mead recently that I may try to duplicate in the near future.
3. I thought I read that there was a TO in TX recently. Ill have to look again. Im surprised the commandry was able to have an open bar if it was in a regular lodge building. We were told we couldnt even have beer at our charity golf tournament. GL of TX can surprise you sometimes. Im assuming you have seen the results of this years communication...

Reza said...

I'm interested to be a mason but there is no active lodge in my country, Iran.

what should i do. I don't know english very well. but I can understand a little and enjoy your masonic blog.

help me please

FD2L said...

SoL (Heh),

1) The brothers talk about the reasons in their letter. In essence, they did so much to secure the future of the temple, then it should be for their disposal. I am shortening it up, but that is what they say in summary.

3) The TO Lodge in Texas is in College Station, it isn't a true TO lodge, but a lodge with TO tendencies, if that makes any sense.

FD2L said...


I updated the info on my latest post, that's the best contact I have.

Bro Vick