Monday, November 12, 2007

The Scottish Key

For those of you that haven’t seen it, there is a production company that claims to reveal the origins of Freemasonary in the French Belgian documentary, The Scottish Key. At first glance I was skeptical and ready to dismiss the movie. Then I when I looked at the contributors, including Robert L.D. Cooper, I am intrigued about the movie, as it looks better than most in the recent history. It is about $36, that doesn’t include shipping, so I would expect it to be around $50 when it is all said and done.

Does anyone know anything else about this movie? Is it legit, or more crackpot Da Vinci stuff?


Anonymous said...

This documentary is not french, but belgian. I know one the authors and I had the chance to see it. It's the first film on the origins of freemasonry, (with at the end a incredible revealed document.)

All the protagonists are the best world's specialists.

The first time that it will be show to the public will be the 7th of december in Brussels (belgium) at 6h30 PM in english and at 8h30 PM in french.

Sorry for my english beacause I'm french speaking.


Ken said...

Hey Bro,

Did you get an e-mail telling you about the production? Something to the effect of:

"Hello Ken,
I found this interesting link:"

I looked at the website also, but the e-mail seemed like someone looking for publicity on blogs/websites regarding freemasonry. The little introduction movie seemed interesting but it doesn't give a great deal of information about the film and its perspective of masonry.

Bro Ken

fromdarknesstolight said...

Brother Ken,

Actually this movie is getting some buzz in the Masonic Research Mailing lists and message boards. I was wondering if some of the more in touch brothers might have an idea.

Apparently we have to wait until 2008 as it has only been formatted for Europe and won't be made available in America markets till early 2008.

Anonymous said...

There is a long description of the film on the website of a belgian university:

but it's in french.

André said...

I've seen the movie this afternoon. It's a great investigation with the best specialists of the world. Pictures and music are very beautiful. I think it's the first time that this suject is so seriously studied.

André (Excuse my bas English, I'm also french speaking.)

Myriam said...

I happened to read your comment on the movie « the Scottish Key » and I would like to bring some answers to your questions.
I have had the chance to see the preview of this movie and can guarantee you that this is absolutely not a crackpot in Dan Brown's style.
This is a documentary film produced with professionalism which restrains a whole serie of preconception and myths about Freemasonry.
Furthermore, it is a movie of a great beauty, supported by a music that takes ones breath away.
Being myself a freemason, I have been deeply touched by this movie that offers a authentic justification to what we are and to the message we aim to deliver.
Even if the shipping costs seem somehow quite expensive to you, I think that this is really worthwhile purchasing it and advertising it among your friends and acquaintances.

With my kind regards and my Fraternity (sent from Europe).


fromdarknesstolight said...

Bro Myraim,

Thank you for the review, but like I commented earlier, this movie won't be in region format until early 2008, if then. So American's are going to have to wait. :)

Brother Vick