Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Part II – Picking a Lodge/Tuesday Dinner

After about a couple months of pondering I went ahead and actively sought a Lodge in my area. Now, it was no easy task finding a Lodge, there are 24 in my city, and you really can’t tell one from the other, besides the name. I found one that’s name struck me, and was in an area that the wife and I are considering moving to, even though there is one near my house, it’s above a hardware store and looks near abandoned. So I left an e-mail to the secretary. He called me back and was grumpy as all get out; he said that they have dinner or sometimes food before their meeting on the second week of the month. So I took a chance and went. When I showed up, I will admit I was intimidated. There were maybe three guys around my age everyone else was much older and not appearing initially to be that friendly. Mostly it was my perception, but let’s face it, old people can be standoffish with anyone under the age of 50, others were very nice and friendly. I remember being comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. It’s bizarre; I figure that I owe it another shot before trying out a different lodge. I went a second time and things didn’t appear to be as uncomfortable as before, and while it was my second time at the lodge, it felt more comfortable and almost familiar. I came to feel a level of familiarity with the lodge that made me want to continue to attend there and be apart of this lodge. My nervousness aside, it was a place that I could see myself a member of, and decided to get an application.

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