Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do We Have to Put a Square and Compass on Everything?

Getting ready for this deployment I am trying to find a more comfortable grip for my M9 than military standard issue, the motivating factor is that during my upcoming combat training course I will be shooting/handling the weapon a lot, so I might as well make it as “comfortable” as possible. Looking for grips I came across the following picture:

While at first I was intrigued about the square and compass on a M9 grip, I thought about it and really to me it seems somewhat contradictory to the teachings of the three blue lodge degrees (I however think that it would be appropriate for the knights templar symbol to be put on a grip for instance). I mean how are you taking care of your brother man when you are about to put a cap in his ass? If the reason you do it is to identify yourself as a mason there are plenty of rings, money clips, wallets, bumper stickers, watches, hats etc that can do that for you, with out putting it on an instrument of destruction. On the other hand maybe someone feels that having those on the gun will help them remember the teachings when they employ it? Maybe the symbols on the gun will help circumscribe their desires?

I can’t decide if I am being an overly sensitive woman about the whole issue, or if maybe there is something contradictory about putting the square and compasses on a grip of a gun.